• VOIP Small Business

    A small business was looking to cut costs of regular lines by implementing a VOIP solution. In this day and age that makes perfect sense - so an action plan was put in place.

  • Camera System

    A high value customer needed a solution for a private residence that offers remote viewing capabilities & alerts to a smart-phone. Second requirement was the ease of use and hands off approach (set it and forget it). Read More

  • Edu Network

    Setting up a new edu network from scratch has its own challenges. Mostly the network concerns revolve around data capabilities in high density environment. This is an example of such a deployment, and basic breakdown of hardware needs.

  • Medium Size Business

    Meraki, now owned by Cisco has a good reputation in the business world, however, they are by far most costly solution anyone can deploy. They strictly operate on subscription basis and even though you technically pay for hardware, you can never use it unless your subscription allows you to.

Creative Director

Creative Director of Pictuelle Working in IT for 12 years. Worked on numerous projects for many different types of industries, such as: EDU, non-profit, enterprise, construction, small business, retail and others.

Pictuelle Power Workforce

We focus our solution based on the security of the deployment and tailored to a specific need.