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This is a world where connected devices will soon outnumber connected users six to one, attention must be given to the security of those connections. The security of the Internet of Things devices has just started to become a matter of courts, but has the potential to grow into a monster. As these connections grow, […]

Who knows about your more than your mother, wife, family, friends? You’d think noone? You might be in for a surprise. As we turned to online for solutions, to solve problems, to make transactions, grow businesses and communicate, privacy was thrown right out the window. Have you seen any of the privacy policies from Facebook, […]

Not all the hosting companies are created equal! This is the case with one of our customers who recently were forced to migrate, ‘were kicked off’,  to another hosting space. The issue is not as clear as night&day in order to be able to identify the fault fully with anyone specific. Its more a combination […]