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Marketing Trends Today – Hot New Stuff This year, we’ve seen content marketing rise in form & function, as well in volume. To be exact, a vast majority of businesses use content marketing in their overall marketing plans. Having said that, let’s take a peek at the sizzling content marketing trends that businesses are taking […]

Think Big

July 4, 2014 Marketing, News

Ideas are transformed into reality by persistence, hard work and canniness. It is truly amazing to watch this transformation take place as a bystander, but its even more impressive to partake in it. Most of the creative work comes from ideas. Someone somewhere had an idea for an app, a business, a website…. Ideas are […]

Who knows about your more than your mother, wife, family, friends? You’d think noone? You might be in for a surprise. As we turned to online for solutions, to solve problems, to make transactions, grow businesses and communicate, privacy was thrown right out the window. Have you seen any of the privacy policies from Facebook, […]

Aaaah summertime is upon us. Kids are getting ready to finish the school, take their summer breaks. Parents are looking into summer programs and planning the vacations, employees are trying to connect few days they have off to make it last and companies are trying to manage the workforce. Sometimes the winters feel like they […]

What steps and skills are needed to plan a major site? Does your business need a website? Do you have a website that’s not up to today’s standards? Depending on the needs of your business, you may need professional help, or you may be able to design the site in-house. This should help you understand […]

It cannot be ignored any longer! If you’re not using mobile applications to your advantage, your business is missing out on a huge market share. Is your website ready? Sheer numbers of mobile-connected devices are surpassing the world’s population. This should certainly count for something. Is your website ready? What is mobile or responsive design. […]

The 5 Second Rule

March 27, 2014 How To, News

As you might know, you have only 5 seconds to explain what is your site all about to potential customers, or they navigate elsewhere. Five seconds does not offer much, but its all you get on average. Taking into consideration how fast and responsive, or not, your site is, this fact can help you plan […]