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Zack Contracting needs a clean, responsive design that responds well and is easy to navigate. We thought of utilizing one of our favorite platforms with slight mods for clean, modern design with minimal visual distractions. When you navigate to the page, it should be obvious to anyone that this is a contracting business, and as […]

Meet the very successful and long time running company that restored many buildings and churches throughout the tri-state area. They are focusing on content for marketing and showcasing their work, and their site tightly integrates into responsive template for best viewing options on all devices.

The 5 Second Rule

March 27, 2014 How To, News

As you might know, you have only 5 seconds to explain what is your site all about to potential customers, or they navigate elsewhere. Five seconds does not offer much, but its all you get on average. Taking into consideration how fast and responsive, or not, your site is, this fact can help you plan […]