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This is a world where connected devices will soon outnumber connected users six to one, attention must be given to the security of those connections. The security of the Internet of Things devices has just started to become a matter of courts, but has the potential to grow into a monster. As these connections grow, […]

Who knows about your more than your mother, wife, family, friends? You’d think noone? You might be in for a surprise. As we turned to online for solutions, to solve problems, to make transactions, grow businesses and communicate, privacy was thrown right out the window. Have you seen any of the privacy policies from Facebook, […]

Things are often not as they appear! This certainly applies to the most shocking news for businesses and individuals employing different cryptography standards came yesterday – 5/29/2014. Truecrypt.org, by far a most popular open-source encryption program was redirecting to a page that warned users of insecurities in the software – and that they should be […]

Last few days we’ve noticed multiple attempts to log-in into some of our customers websites. How do you protect yourself against these and how do you know when you’ve been a target. Before we delve into the gritty details, we need to step back a little and answer – what is the purpose one would […]

It has long been public knowledge that antivirus programs only catch 70% or less, and now that number has fallen below 50%  according to some estimates. End users are feeling the sting too as hackers and malaware operation has gone global with very sophisticated, so called “zero day” exploits. This means that instead of writing […]


January 12, 2014 News

If there ever was a time to think about securing your connections and traffic in and out of your business, or personal life, that time is now. Most security experts have been singing this tune for the past several years, and only with recent revelations of severe government intrusions into every aspect of your lives, […]