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What steps and skills are needed to plan a major site? Does your business need a website? Do you have a website that’s not up to today’s standards? Depending on the needs of your business, you may need professional help, or you may be able to design the site in-house. This should help you understand […]

Last few days we’ve noticed multiple attempts to log-in into some of our customers websites. How do you protect yourself against these and how do you know when you’ve been a target. Before we delve into the gritty details, we need to step back a little and answer – what is the purpose one would […]

It has long been public knowledge that antivirus programs only catch 70% or less, and now that number has fallen below 50%  according to some estimates. End users are feeling the sting too as hackers and malaware operation has gone global with very sophisticated, so called “zero day” exploits. This means that instead of writing […]

If you are one of the developers, undoubtedly you came across an issue where you needed to modify php.ini file. This is an initialization file which specifies all the settings for the server and has ultimate power over your site. It is worthy to note that this file should not be accessed by a random […]

Considering all new trends, social, mobile business models, when starting a new website/business, question arises: “What will you build.” How do you even start considering this issue. A lot of people who started down this journey are overwhelmed or misguided by magnitude of the concept, and by the companies that like to sell thin air. […]